The company's activities are first of all ecological products such as fruit, vegetables, corn and meat. In the case of fruit the most important item for us is apple. Among vegetables the most important is potato and in the case of meat it is pork. The company is engaged in chosen conventional products such as apples and potatoes. You will find more details about our offer in assortment.

As it was mentioned above the company exports products mainly to UE countries, however its second significant role is cooperation with farmers which is not confined to purchasing raw materials from them. The company is also involved in agricultural counselling to a large extent. Not only will we advise what species are the best for cultivation in a given farm and in given conditions but we will also help to choose the most suitable varieties, purchase seedlings or ecological fertilizers. We also try to help farmers to deal with the whole bureaucratic part of ecological farms' activities. Our range of cooperation with farmers is constantly expanded to satisfy producers' expectations.

Bio-Concept Plus owns a factory and also uses services of other firms. One of our best partners is Dobrowolscy factory. We have pigs slaughtered by them.

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